Season 10 of Apex Legends is approaching, with a new legend, map modifications, a new battle pass, and a new ranked grind on the way. There has already been a lot of information revealed about the mythical Seer and a new Light Machine Gun that will be available in the loot pool. A ranked arenas mode is also available. Everything on the map is changing, from the earthquakes in the tunnels to the messages in Countdown. Season ten has a lot of fresh and exciting content. There are many incentives to be earned by competing against other teams, as there are in every season.

Character Switches in Apex Legends Season 10

The change of characters in season 10 of apex legend will be unique. There are boosts in Caustic, Horizon, and Fuse, while there is effectiveness in the Revenant. Unfortunately, it appears that Wattson will have to deal with a buff for yet another season, and we understand the players’ disappointment. We’ll have to wait and see if there are any significant adjustments on the way that will make her a part of the meta in the future.

Following Recon Legend Abilities, Confirmation of Seer

With each new season, a new legend emerges. Seer, the new Legend for Season 10, employs microdrones to detect openings that other Legends might overlook.

 There has been established Seer’s status as a recon legend, and he possesses the following abilities:

  1. Detect Heart Beat

When aiming down sights, Seer can detect its enemies’ heartbeat.

  1. Pays attention to what’s going on around Him

It enables Seer to dispatch drones to expose enemy positions. His drones may also interfere with healing items and revivals, disclose enemy health, and briefly prevent foes from activating abilities.

  1. Exhibit the best of what Seer has to offer

Seer can dispatch hundreds of drones to form a sphere capable of tracking all opponents through their footprints or weapon firing.

A New Way to Play – Ranked Arenas

Ranked Arenas, similar to Ranked BR, promises Apex Legends gamers a competitive version of the Arenas playlist. The map rotation and Rank-MMR mechanism will be the same as in Ranked BR. Even the party limitations will be the same!

Apex Legends’ ranking system works and applying it to Arena’s mode should help develop a simpler ranking system. It’s all about getting the win in Apex Legends’ Ranked Arenas, and you’ll only get Arena Points if you win the whole battle.

Weapons in the care package

The Spitfire is being placed in the care box as a new LMG arrives. The Alternator, which now has Disruptor Rounds connected, will be included in the care packages. The Prowler is delivering the caring gift. This SMG will be available as standard floor loot again, although whole auto fans will be unhappy. Burst firing mode will be the sole option.

While these are the most notable additions to the Apex Legends roster, many gamers will be curious to see the current legends and weaponry modifications.